Window Types

Best Replacement Window For Your Home


The best window replacement mainly depends on your taste, how much you are willing to spend, where you live and the cost of maintenance. This article will give you what the different types of replacement windows are for my home and more importantly, it will give the quality of each replacement window for your home.

Clad wood

Clad wood window replacements have a very thin Vinyl layer which is known as the cladding it is used to protect the frame, the cladding also minimizes the need for maintenance. The interior part of this wood clad can be stained or even painted with any color. The clad wood produces an aesthetics of amazing wood in the interior of your home, in addition to that, the wood provides the window with the stability, energy efficiency and the strength to withstand any impact on it. The window is durable, so anyone who is considering replacing windows in their homes, clad wood should be on top of your list.


This aluminum replacement window is very strong, durable and lightweight, the windows require just a little regular maintenance, and it can also be painted. These types of windows are suitable in areas which are often prone to hurricanes and more importantly they are suitable as larger windows. However, the aluminum windows are never good insulators, when it is used in cold areas, it is bonded to form on the interior side due to the condensation. This is why the aluminum window replacement is fixed with the thermal breaks. It is one of the best that you should consider buying when replacing your windows.


Experts have it that the fiberglass window replacements are best compared to the vinyl ones. Unlike vinyl, the fiberglass do not have the natural aesthetics that are found in wood, but even more interesting the window is virtually maintenance-free. Plus, fiberglass windows insulate very well and particularly those with the insulating material which are packed inside the hollow core. Fiberglass is stronger and also stable when exposed to a very extreme temperature. This enables the fiberglass window to have a longer lifespan. Fiberglass window replacements come in different sizes and colors, but they can also be painted to match the exterior and interior of your home. Some come with wood like surfaces which can also be painted.