Choosing The Right Window For Your Kitchen

kitchenChoosing the right window for your kitchen is a decision you have to live with. If you own your home and your kitchen has a wall that is an external wall or exterior of the home, then you have the option of having a window put in most of the time. It’s necessary to check with a local contractor as well as community building codes, but in most cases, you will have the option of having a window put in. Costs vary depending on region, the home, the kind of window, and even potential permitting costs, but you can expect to spend from several hundred to a few thousand dollars.

As far as placement of the window, that really is up to you. However, there are two very common places for windows to get put. A traditional approach is to put it right above the kitchen sink so you can see outside when using the faucet. Other spots in the kitchen are often taken up because an appliance or cabinet is in the way. Another common spot to put a kitchen window is by a breakfast table or nook that you have where people can sit and eat. If this is where you enjoy morning coffee, it’s nice to get a little sunlight while you’re at it.

Kitchen windows are not usually as large as windows around the rest of the house, so if your local building ordinance or housing codes require a certain number of windows in the home to be large enough and low enough to be functional egress points in the case of fire or other emergency, this window is not likely going to help you meet your minimum. Other than that, you can choose the size you are comfortable with, balancing light let in with view and privacy.