4 Major Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

Homeowners have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to replacing their windows. Because of this, they often don’t quite know how to choose when and how to replace their windows. There are four main misconceptions around windows, and hopefully homeowners will be able to make better decisions when it comes to changing their windows.

1 – U-value Is the Only Thing that MattersĀ 

The U-value tells you how much heat is transferred out of the window. This is a really good factor to take into consideration, but certainly not the only one. Indeed, there are various other factors that will add to just how energy efficient your window is. Not just that, you also have to consider your climate, because this will determine how important this particular value is to you. If you live in a particularly hot climate, how much heat escapes from your home is not particularly important.

2 – UPVC Windows Are the Only Way Forward

UPVC windows are certainly the most popular of all the window frames out there. However, you do have other options as well. Older homes with wooden windows, for instance, can simply be replaced with other wood. A lot of new wood windows are very energy efficient and it is certainly a myth that wood will immediately rot and leave your window inefficient. You could also choose fiberglass, but this is incredibly expensive. However, as fiberglass is becoming more popular, the price seems to be dropping.

3 – You Will Have to Renovate Almost Your Entire Home if You Replace Your Windows

The majority of windows can be replaced without any structural changes. The only exception is if you want to install a larger window, where some of the exterior walls will have to be removed. Alternatively, if you want to replace your existing windows with something smaller, you may need some brick work done. However, these are certainly not extensive renovations and can be done on the spot by your window installers.

4 – Anybody Is Able to Install a New Window

Technically, anybody is able to install a new windows. However, this is only possible if they have followed the right training. Windows are cumbersome, large and heavy. Not just that, they are also dangerous. Remember that they have glass inside and if this falls, people will get hurt. Additionally, when you install new windows, you will want to make sure that they are energy efficient, and this requires quite a bit of knowledge on how to install windows properly so that they don’t allow any air in or out.